Sharing experiences, knowledge and perspectives has been a central component of my artistic practice since the beginning.  I see it as way to reflect upon my own creative processes and that of the participants.

After almost two decades of teaching workshops in studios and institutions, I’m currently focusing on the crossover between presentational and virtual formats. In most cases this means starting a process in person and then extending its development online over a span of weeks or months. In some cases it can mean an entirely virtual collaboration.


There are two reasons why I choose to work this way: The first is the fact that these workshops are about how participants adapt diverse artist practices to suit their own interests and needs. And this process takes time, critical thinking and methodical follow-ups.

​The second is an honest attempt to share creative processes and professional know-how across European borders. Most of the teaching and touring of my work happens in comparatively wealthy countries. So, over the past several years I have been trying to find ways to also share experiences with artists coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.

At present I'm working in two flexible formats: one focuses on creative processes and staging/directing strategies, the other on the professional know-how needed to establish a global career in this field. These two workshops are conceived for groups in institutional contexts. Additionally, I’m working on a third fully online format for individual mentoring, intended for emerging artists at the being of their careers.



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This workshop focuses on training, staging strategies and compositional principles coming from dance, theatre and film. It aims to facilitate different approaches to direction and choreography in theatre, dance and physical theatre, in order to create a dramaturgy of physical actions that functions independent from language.

Physical contents

During the workshop (length to be determined together with the organizers), we will analyze practices, methods and discourses from renowned contemporary artists, as well as working with individual tasks. This part of the workshop aims to give a clear insight in the variety of approaches and daily rituals used by different creators to motivate the construction of solid personal creative habits.

Online contents


The aim of this course is to nurture future independent artists with the tools and know-how needed to develop a professional career in the performing arts. It works with exercises designed to help generate a consistent discourse around the created works, as well as to write statements, take positions and reflect about how to profile oneself as an artist on a local and global scale.

Face-to-face contents

Over the course of the workshop, we will go over different skills and abilities, such as writing grant applications, approaching festivals, scouting venues, talking to curators, properly planning a production, etc.  This course emphasizes understanding the difference between ‘project management’ (what a manager does) and ‘career management’ (what an artist does).

Online contents


This course is an extension of my teaching experience supporting individual devising processes of emerging artists at the beginning of their careers. It's a fusion of the 'Creative Process' and 'Career Management' workshops and can range from helping participants to complete projects, launch tehr carrer,  present their work on professional platforms, or find suitable creative habits to shape new works.


The form and duration can vary from face-to-face to purely virtual commnication or a mixture of both, depending on the places of residency. In all cases it encompasses one-to-one dialogues and a personalized follow-up about the participants’ creative habits and personal goals.