"...TRASHedy is a firework of all possibilities that theatre has to offer"
Jury’s statement at Westwind Festival


"...performing:group manages to deal with the topic of consumerism and environmental protection with outstanding humor..."
Festival AugenblickMal!


"...incredibly close to reality..."

Kolner Stadtanzeiger


Although the name of the show combines the words „trash“  with "tragedy“ , this work is more a comedy of shoping absurdities than an ecologicall melodrama.  Together with performer Daniel Matheus and composer Martin Rascher, Leandro Kees takes an unbiased look at the concept of capitalism and ecological intelligence. At the same times they retell, with animated pictures and sound effects, the evolution of intertwined economical routes as a kind of comic strip.  TRASHedy is a stage gender of it’s own, mixing dance, theatre, animations and music to tell an ever changing story of modern our societies.

It  has won the grand prize of the jury at the renowned Westwind-Festival, placing it among the most outstanding works for children and young adults in NRW. It has been performed over 300 times in more than 15 countries.

Age: all ages 11+  |  Duration: 50 Minutes



    Performed by: Marie-Lena Kaiser & Constantin Hochkeppel  | Concept & Direction by: Leandro Kees |  Developed by: Leandro Kees, Daniel Matheus, Martin Rascher | Dramaturgy: Daniel Matheus, Leandro Kees |

    Sound Composition & Video: Martin Rascher | Dramaturgical Assistance: Julia Mota Carvalho |  Drawings: Leandro Kees | Music: Bon Iver, Jamie Woon, Ja Panik, Edd Kalehoff, Tom Jobim, Martin Rascher | Management: Martin Rascher  |  Special Thanks to: Alexander Thun (co-Managemnt), Rob Dirix (Design) | Produced by: Performing Group and tanzhaus nrw.


    A production by Performing Group and tanzhaus nrw in association with „Take-off: Junger Tanz“. Also supported by the Kunststiftung NRW. The work was developed during the Take-off-residency program „New Steps“.
    Leandro Kees belongs to those choreographers featured by the EU-program „Fresh Tracks Europe“, supported by the culture program of the European Union.
    „Take-off: Junger Tanz“ is supported by the culture office of the federal capital Düsseldorf as well as the ministry for family, children, youth, culture and sport of the federal state NRW. „Take-off: Junger Tanz“ is a cooperation between Düsseldorf’s culture -, education- and social institutions under the overall leadership of tanzhaus nrw.


    "I’ve been always interested in working out the relation between fiction and reality, between history and biography. The idea was form the beginning on to creare a show that portrais the awkward relation we have with our environment, and it slowly became a show about the impossibility of telling such an epic story.
    I'm moved by watching  blunt honestly and exposure on stage. I like showing the backstage as part of the show and mixing clean-cut set designs with full frontal failure, to integarte in the show raw chunks of here-and-now reality. To remind the audience that this is, definietley, not a movie.
    TRASHedy is not a conference about the world, is a physical comedy about the absurdities of wanting it all".



    TRASHedy was concived as a touring show and is hligly portable,  easily adaptable to different theatres and locations, and it has minimal laugage (2 pieces of laugage).
    Due the fact that it`s texts are in writtenf from and audio coments, It can be perfomerd in any langauge. It has been played fully in German, French, English, Dutch, Islandic, Japanese and  Korean. Other languages are possible.

    The touring Team is 3 persons: two perfomres and a techinician.


    For detailed infomations please contact Martin Rascher at, or by phone +